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Aion 4.0 Ranger 65 pvp

My stream channel Ru official server, gardarika Music: Five Finger Death Punch — The Pride Cult To Follow – Leave It All Be…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Finally released. You may wanna check it out on: Music: Tantrum Desire – Guided Rhythm.
Video Rating: 4 / 5





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  • lShenku 9 months ago

    Бобрец норм тащил =/

  • St3lk 9 months ago

    Thats stigma build is the most easy one to play and it is meant for 1v1, 2v2 and such numbers. He will totally fail in group vs group or more. In the other hand, it is kinda boring because it is too repetitive all you do is sleep,sleep trap,ss trap pew pew. But I have to admit the video is nice.

  • Eternal Blizzard 9 months ago

    How about that he/she kills slowly but painfully? :3

  • weikumsncc 9 months ago

    the one thing I really dont like about ranger is that he has this blindness trap. In arena once he spamed it on me all the time. Either the cd should be increased or the time how long it lasts should be decreased :D anyhow. this Ranger is good.

  • leyitah2 9 months ago

    do u have lightning arrow?

  • Himari Kusinagi 9 months ago

    The hatorade is strong in these kids on youtube lol rangers take 0 skill is lol. Most of you are just prob mad cause you get pooped on by rangers dailey cause you have next to no skill so you attack people on youtube cause you have small little dicks and live in your parent’s basement. Good vid bro and keep em coming thanks that is all :)

  • Darkfall201 9 months ago

    how do ur re-arange the orders of chains ?? why is seizure arrow first and not fight withdrawal after remove shock ?

  • piskore 9 months ago

    …. rangers allways use silence arrow -.- … and archers owns shields with 1 or 2 hits … if not .. they attack so fast to own the shield in almost 2 segs … the same “#$%&! but different ass …

  • DarkCelestialBeing 9 months ago

    3 for the most, I’ve never seen a ranger kill a shield in 2 or even ONE hit for goodness sake. Sorcerer’s shields have their own defense too you know. That’s enough time for a skilled sorc to win a battle against a ranger if he doesn’t uses silence arrow XD.

  • piskore 9 months ago

    pfff .. all characters own that shield with 1 or 2 hits

  • DarkCelestialBeing 9 months ago

    And that’s why sorcerer’s have their gay-ass shield btw.

  • TheDannte7 9 months ago

    thats pvp? bleah… Check my channel for C9 plays, thats real PVP

  • Herarch 9 months ago

    nice vid :D but i dont really like ranger(against or playin one) cuz u dont need much to be good^^ its a very easy class to play….even easier than spiritmaster xD

  • Anton Romanovskiy 9 months ago

    сам лук на физиках не лочит блайнд, висит вторым дебафом ВСЕГДА и снимается банкой, просто браво

  • Anton Romanovskiy 9 months ago

    банку снятия дебафа только сорк видел, и тот заюзал ее не вовремя

  • Anton Romanovskiy 9 months ago

    шикарное видео про бомжей, который наступают на все ловушки, просто браво, гардарика в такое гавно скатилась..

  • Rodrigo Armstrong 9 months ago

    Давай сделай подобное видео, как ты нагибаешь “нубов” и как ты не подпускаешь луков больше на 15 м. Больше пиздите а сами нихуя не умеете. Если сделаешь видео, то там будет хуева туча ошибок, в этом я уверен 100%.

  • piskore 9 months ago

    that’s no true … archer survives better than sorc … with their mini sprint + hide .. then pot pot pot

  • Davis Pupi 9 months ago

    1700 magical accuracy, 1k crit with all buffs. 60 ap +10, bow tiamat with ap+15.
    rings earring jewel and etc 60 ap .

  • Davis Pupi 9 months ago

    yes but archer die like npc.when sorc can escape 1000000 times.

  • piskore 9 months ago

    archer = sorc without casting time :s + stun stun stun stun every crit he does … that’s very very unbalanced

  • Luiz Alves 9 months ago

    Can u tell me your pvp gear and your manastones? ^^

  • Stoneframe13 9 months ago

    Глады похоже не в курсе о 15 метровой масухе

  • Arvicane 9 months ago

    Kind lame using Mau form against 1 player.

  • Сергей Цветков 9 months ago

    если честно дамага и впрямь для лука не особо. А в целом норм видюха

  • Lucas Borges 9 months ago

    Hey Rai Raii can you tell me all skills you use please? AION 4.0 come a few days ago in US and i create a gunslinger…. so,i saw you now and you how play very well with guns and i want some base for gunslinger´s ty :)

  • Rai Raii 9 months ago


  • Kyle Schwartz 9 months ago

    Gunner op?

  • SayuriRecords 9 months ago

    hope u never play a class that just were clothes^^ Ur gladiator or temp eh?

  • God Godnes 9 months ago

    Gunner, bard and 4.0 it’s piece of shit

  • Adrian Stelian 9 months ago

    its true actualy….i mean thats the whole definition of dueling…..but since there are range clases its kinda gay if ur not a templar

  • WDFisH0n0r 9 months ago

    they are doing it day after retail on the 27th

  • RoseJ999 9 months ago

    i think gladiator would be too slow for gunner P_P

  • Rai Raii 9 months ago

    magic boost, magic accuracy, hp, … -> like sorc / sm / …

  • Maja Gajanovic 9 months ago

    What manastones use gunner ?

  • EravielTachibana 9 months ago

    Ah I see. Thanks :3

  • Dy Savior 9 months ago

    ^this. made me laugh for 2 hours straight. kudos for that comment.

  • Rai Raii 9 months ago

    NotAion, but their 4.0 testserver isn’t public. They’ll release it 1 or 2 days after 4.0 hits NA.

  • EravielTachibana 9 months ago

    What’s the name of the private server? I seem to no see any 4.0 private servers >.<

  • Rai Raii 9 months ago

    I was just running circles. :D
    There are ppl who are way better in kiting then I am.

  • Rai Raii 9 months ago

    gunners are dealing magical damage so the movement modifiers do not affect them but nvm :x

    The point is that you’ll die if you’re not moving, so you’d better move ! :D

  • EravielTachibana 9 months ago

    Dem gunner kite skills :3

  • samywamysamywamy 9 months ago

    I’m not sure he understands that your attack is raised when moving from side to side -_-

  • Montsek Chaisuwan 9 months ago

    ROFL the noobiest comment of all time..

  • WDFisH0n0r 9 months ago

    any class breaks like glass if u dont move while a sin is fighting u LOL. im sorry buy unless you’re new to aion, u don’t stand still when fighting sins :) and that’s the glory of gunner for almost all skills u can move while casting.

  • NixonAxi 9 months ago

    Noob , It’s called Kiting and it’s one of the fucking most important things you should do as a ranged class or not.
    I am assuming you’re either a retarded noob or you are just a mad Glad/Temp face tanking everything.

  • diasspeed 9 months ago

    what is the playstyle difference between gunner and ranger? pvp and pve

  • Rai Raii 9 months ago

    So you’re saying everyone should just stand still when they’re dueling? :D

  • Lampaizzo 9 months ago

    yea sin was noob. But i think This jumping running potion in duel one of the biggest noob thing in aion. You win bcoz they cant attack you, but if one of them catch you, your char broke like glass